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Poor dental and oral hygiene in the form of chipped, decayed and missing teeth can not only have physical implications, but also psychological ones too.  It can make you feel less confident if you feel self conscience that people will see just how bad condition your teeth are in.  Even if it is only small things like stains and small chips.  It could however be that you have a lot of dental issues to deal with and one single form of treatment won’t be enough.

Whether you suffer from infection, gum disease, decay or any trauma that has left you with serious damage to your teeth, Estetica Dental Lab in London can help you get that smile and your confidence back with their many different procedures and techniques.  In this post though, we are going to look at full mouth reconstruction – looking at what it actually is, some of the benefits and what you can expect to happen if you agree to have the treatment.  We hope this post will help you to make a more informed decision.

What Actually Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction, often referred to as Full Mouth Restoration and Full Mouth Rehabilitation, is an extensive dental treatment plan that is used to rebuild and restore your entire set of teeth, not just one section.  It entails a combination of various dentistry options including restorative, cosmetic and general techniques.  If necessary, the work may be carried out with the advice and expertise of endodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons depending on the extent of the work required.

Could You Benefit From Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you only have minor issues with your teeth and gums, it may be best for you to seek out individual, less intrusive and comprehensive treatment to give you back that confident and attractive smile.  However if there is a long list of problems and issues with your teeth, gums and mouth then you are more likely to benefit from having the more in-depth and complex full mouth reconstruction treatment.

Full Mouth Reconstruction will benefit you most, for instance, if you are suffering from any of the following issues:

  • Trauma or decay that has caused considerable tooth loss
  • Injured or damaged teeth
  • Worn down teeth caused by either eating and drinking certain food and drinks or by grinding your teeth
  • Facial or jaw muscular pain

What You Should Expect From Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The first steps towards having full mouth reconstruction is that your dentist or dental practitioner will examine your mouth, smile and teeth to work out the treatments that will benefit you the most.  The examination involves looking at the aesthetics of your smile along with the health of your jaw muscles, joints, gums and of course, teeth.  They will also take various x-rays and impressions and may even take some photographs too as extra reference material.

Once your teeth and mouth have both been examined thoroughly, they will start to put together a suitable, very detailed plan of treatments that is customised to meet your own specific needs and goals from the treatment.  It could involve a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments such as bone grafting, braces, dental restorations (implants and bridges), crown lengthening, and dental contouring.

Full Mouth Reconstructions will often take months, possibly even years to finish all the necessary treatments involved.  As it is so in-depth though, it is not really surprising.  If you are looking to have this full and inclusive treatment to get your beautiful and attractive smile back or have never had the benefit of a radiant smile, then you will have to exercise patience.

Contact  Estetica Dental Lab in London for a consultation today and they will be delighted to help you get your smile back.