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Whether you are having trouble with unhealthy or missing teeth, you have probably been giving some serious thought to dental implants or dentures. You are probably wondering though which is the best treatment for you, and whether dental implants or dentures are really worth the investment or not.

Is It Really Important To Replace Missing Or Decaying Teeth?

While you may get on fine with decaying and cracked teeth until they fall out or with missing teeth when your gums toughen up and adjust to chewing harder foods. Although the aesthetic side of things can cause serious dents to your self confidence, and this should not be overlooked. As how you look can greatly impact how you feel. If you neglect your damaged or missing teeth, it can cause major problems for your mouth and also the rest of your body.

You may not realise how serious, but with just one decaying or missing tooth, the surrounding teeth and gums in your mouth are vulnerable to food debris getting stuck and bacteria entering into your system and saliva. It can also mean that teeth near the gaps could move to try and fill the gap, causing an unwanted shift in your jawbone overtime. Which in turn can cause teeth to become more volatile as they shift and then decay and fall out.

Rather than just getting by and coping with decaying and missing teeth, it is much better for your oral health and health in general to do something about it. That obviously means making a decision about whether dental implants or dentures are best for you.

Are Dental Implants Or Dentures Best For You?

While dental implants can be used to replace either a full set of teeth or one single one and are installed into your jawbone permanently using a screw and a cap that matches the natural colour of your enamel. Dentures involve a removable full or partial set of teeth to fill gaps.

Both of the above solutions can fill in gaps to prevent further health problems caused by gaps in your teeth. Although dentures cost a lot less money than implants, they rely on the other teeth in your mouth to stabilise them into the right position, there can be further problems as they can slip or drop out of position.

Over the last couple of decades, dental implants have become very popular and are much more permanent solution to problem gums and teeth. While they are a larger investment upfront, they provide more advantages than dentures because:

  • They won’t more or slip, giving you more confidence
  • They help to maintain the health of your surrounding teeth as they are anchored to your jawbone and do not rely on the gums or surrounding teeth to stay in place.
  • They usually last a lot longer and can save you money and time in the long run as dentures take more trips to the dentist to maintain them.

It is always good to consult with your local dentist or one of the experts at Estetica Dental Clinic in London to determine whether dental implants or dentures are the best options for you. A lot of this will depend on your own specific day to day needs and oral health. If you are unsure about dental implants being the best choice, you could as about implants being used to hold and secure slipping or loose dentures as a compromise.

The best thing in any situation is to find the best treatment and solution for your teeth, mouth and body.