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When you have oddly shaped, discoloured, or chipped teeth – porcelain veneers, such as those offered by Estetica Dental Lab in London, could be a good solution for you.  Generally speaking, veneers are a very thin layer of porcelain coloured to match your teeth and are attached to the front of your teeth.  Although they do not repair your teeth, they sit on top so that when you look in the mirror or someone looks at your teeth all they see is the veneers instead of your real teeth.  While it is a fairly simply process to have veneers put in, it is good to understand what to expect from your appointments, particularly if you are nervous of the dentist.

The Consultation

If you are interested in having veneers, you will need to book a consultation appointment first.  During this appointment, the dentist will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for veneers.  Although the majority of people are eligible if you have particularly bad crooked teeth or decayed teeth, the dentist may suggest other treatments to sort your teeth out to make them better for veneer placement.  Another reason they may not be suitable is if you have tooth enamel that is very thing, since some enamel is normally removed to apply veneers.

During this appointment your dentist will also breakdown the cost and payment options available to you for veneers.  If you are unable to pay the full amount up front, your dentist may have in place payment plans that mean you can spread the cost appropriately.

As long as you have been given the okay for veneers, the next part of your appointment will be choosing the shape and colour.  You may have the option to choose celeb-style bright white or something more subtle.  Perhaps you always wanted longer teeth than you were born with, you can pick longer veneers.  After you have decided on the style and colour, your dentist will remove a layer of enamel from your teeth where the veneers will be fitted.  Although it is not painful, it may feel uncomfortable because of the drill vibrations.  You may be given a numbing agent to help you remain comfortable.  Once the enamel has been removed, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and this will be sent on to the part of the lab where the style, size and colour preferences are used to make the veneers.

The Appointment Of Your Veneer Placement

The next stage is an appointment for your veneers to be applied.  This is a very simple and pain-free procedure.  The dentist will place the veneers on the teeth to make sure they sit well and the will use some dental cement and apply pressure so that the veneer bonds with your teeth.  This whole process takes not much more than a couple of minutes and then you can rinse out your mouth and head homeward bound.  Your dentist will do all he or she can to make you feel as comfortable from start to finish as they possible can.

Adapting To Your Veneers

You could come across some minor problems in the first few days after your veneers have been placed in your mouth.  It could be that your mouth is sensitive to both cold and hot food.  This is because of the removal of that layer of enamel.  You can make this less of a problem by using a sensitive toothpaste to brush your teeth with.  It may also be sensible to avoid food that is overly gummy or crunchy as these kids of foods could cause damage to your veneers.