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There are obviously various solutions to filling the gaps left by missing teeth. However, one of the most revolutionary is undoubtedly all-on-four dental implants. They provide an opportunity to benefit from incredibly functional and very natural looking teeth that modern dental implants give, but without the long and drawn out treatment and recovery times.

How is this possible? It is down to the special technique used that enables the titanium implants to be strategically placed to give your new prosthetic teeth an almost root-like support. As a result, less dental implants are actually required. In fact, just four are often needed, which is why it is given the name all-on-four, which is considerably less than more traditional treatments.

As well as a realistic replacement that is a permanent solution, the durability and stability, but the process is much quicker and is less intensive. Obviously though, one of the biggest selling points is that they feel and look just like your own real teeth. They can also be looked after in just the same way as you would your real teeth.

If you are considering getting all-on-four dental implants though, there are still some maintenance tips that are worth keeping in mind.

After Surgery

In the time after your surgery, you need to be cautious when you are using your new teeth so that you don’t cause problems with the healing process. If there is any discomfort or pain, you could try applying a cold compress or take painkillers. It is also crucial, as your dental surgeon will tell you, to drink plenty of fluids, roughly at least eight glasses of either fruit juice or water a day and make sure you have plenty of rest.

Take some time off work, especially for the first couple of days immediately after you’ve had the procedure. As the dental practitioner who performed the procedure is likely to provide you with a mouth rinse and antibiotics, it is important to complete that course and also follow their directions fully.

Keeping Your Implants Clean

As highlighted earlier, you can look after all-on-four implants the same as natural teeth. You are just as likely to suffer from bacteria and infection on your implanted teeth, as you are with real teeth. It is good practice therefore, to make sure you clean them after every meal, to maintain the lifespan of them as much as possible, as well as ensuring that your oral hygiene in general is spot on.

There are also specialist brushes and instruments you can invest in to help you clean various kinds of implants.

Regular Dental Cleaning and Check-up Appointments

The last tip we want to offer is probably one of the most important. With your normal teeth you need to make regular appointments with the dentist to ensure your teeth are in good condition and well looked after. The same is true of implants. At least two times every year you should make appointments not just for check-ups with the dentist, but also for professional cleaning appointments. These will ensure that your implants are not loosening or that there’s no other complications.