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Although in the past, it took weeks and possibly months of waiting for new dentures to be made, if you need implants nowadays thanks to the high tech equipment and expertise at Estetica Dental Lab, you can now have brand new implants within a day. It should be noted that there are only a few places where you can actually get this treatment, but the advantages make it worth seeking out.

As hinted above you do not have to wait the 8 to 10 months you often have to wait while gums and bone grafting heals that you do with normal implants. Additionally, patients who qualify for this treatment do not have to undergo any bone grafting at all. It really could be a case of walking away from the clinic with a brand new set of teeth.

Advantages Of All-On-Four In A Day Implants

Below are a few of the major benefits to having same day, all on four implants rather than the traditional kind.

  • Fewer Actual Implants – Rather than 6 or 8, you have only 4 or 5 per arch
  • Same Day Teeth – Walk away that day with a new smile and renewed confidence and self esteem
  • Immediate Functionality – You will be able to eat after you have had the procedure done.
  • Reliable Aesthetics – Restores and transforms your smile immediately
  • Costs Less To Patient Overall – Less appointments are needed which means less time off work
  • High customer satisfaction

What Would Prevent Me From Qualifying For Same Day Implants?

Although there are very few things that would actually stop you from qualifying for same day dental implants, if you have had intravenous bhisphonates or radiotherapy to your jaw, this may prevent you. Additionally, in some patients there could be a lack of bone, though this is rare, and this is only usually because their teeth are been missing for 30 to 40 years.

A Brief History Of Dental Implants In A Day

The first time teeth in a day was proposed as a dental technique was actually 20 years ago by Professor Ingvar Branemark, a pioneer of dental implantology. Using his special technique dental implants could be surgically placed in the lower jaw and a pre-made prosthesis could all be attached on the same day. This procedure was named the Branemark Novum. As good as it was though, it had a strict surgical protocol and the vast majority of the population were not suitable candidates for it. Another disadvantage of the procedure was that it could only be used on the lower half of the jaw. At the time it was felt the jawbone would not be robust enough to have the bridgework or teeth immediately connected in just a day.

It was only until Dr Paolo Malo from Lisbon studied and carried out work that dispelled this belief. He made some adaptations to the technique, which resulted in his new all-on-four method. The main difference between the two techniques are that both upper and lower sections of the jaw could be treated on the same day along with any bridgework that was needed immediately and new teeth being implanted.

The bone quality of the back of the upper jaw is not as dense and as a result of any extraction, your sinuses start to gradually expand. Because the roots of teeth prevent the expanding, when the teeth are not there, this can actually happen a lot quicker.

For the reasons above, we would advise if you can to consider same day dental implants from Estetica Dental Lab in London.