In the past, it used to take anything from 6 months to a year and a half for dental implants to be placed into your mouth. That was until the procedure of same day dental implants were introduced. Just about anyone can benefit from same day benefits, London-based from Estetica Dental Lab or elsewhere – as long as they are suitable for this procedure.

As the name suggests, with same day dental implants UK practices such as Estetica Dental Lab offer patients the chance to have all of the necessary work done in one day, making it a more convenient, quicker and cost-effective method for fixing an unsightly and unattractive gum line and smile.

Whether you are looking to have dental implants on the same day in London to replace/restore just one single tooth, a number of different teeth or even a complete teeth arch, if you are viable there are a number of different benefits open to you.

The benefits of same day dental implants include:

Life-Changing Results On Same Day

It makes sense that the main benefit of going through with same day dental implants is because of the almost immediate aesthetic benefits. Rather than having to wait months for different mouldings being made and different appointments, seeing little to no difference until that final appointment when your brand new implants are fitted – you can almost walk in with broken and problematic teeth and walk out with a brand new smile that gives you a new look and feel.


Less Risk Of Gum or Bone Shrinkage

Under normal circumstances when you are having traditional dental implants put in to replace teeth that have been removed, because of the time it takes between the initial extraction and final implant fitting – considerable gum or bone shrinkage can occur.

When you have same day implants however, because the time between any extractions and the fitting of the replacements is reduced to just hours rather than months, you eliminate the chance for any gum or bone shrinkage to occur. This procedure also allows you to start the healing process sooner.

Heals Quicker

On the subject of healing..same day implants, London-based or otherwise only take around 6 to 12 weeks to heal, with the surgery only lasting around 2 and a half hours for every arch. Compare that to the 5 to 8 months it can take for traditional implants to settle and for your gums, teeth and bones to adjust and heel sufficiently and you can see a clear advantage of the modern and more convenient approach.

Functionality Is Normal After The Procedure

Following on from the fact that they heal much quicker, it makes sense to highlight the fact that there is no loss in the functionality of your new implants or existing teeth after the work has been completed. Unlike other more conventional methods of implants, you do not have to wait or stick to soft foods and liquids. It also means that you do not need as much time off work to accommodate the procedure and the after effects. You could in theory head back to the office or wherever you work as soon as you have had your same day implants fitted.

Expertly Executed

By choosing Estetica Dental Lab for your same day dental implants in the UK, you will also benefit from expert technicians who have many years of experience working in the dental industry. If you are interested in finding out the same day dental implant cost, why not contact them either by giving them a call, email or by using the quick and easy contact form on their website.