The state of the art, robust zirconium oxide ceramic is the material of choice when mechanical strength , minimal restoration thickness, impressive aesthetics and good biocompatibility are required. Zirconium oxide combines all these qualities and sets new standards.

Due to the material’s high strength of 850 and 1,200 MPa as well as its high fracture toughness the wall thickness of restorations can be significantly reduced. As a result, tooth-conserving preparation and conventional cementation are possible. You will benefit from a perfect balance between thin restoration walls and optimum translucency. The restorations can be glazed, stained or veneered.

The high level of aesthetic is guaranteed by using multi-layered and Pre-shaded Zirconia.

Full-contour crowns and bridges
Crown and bridge frameworks

Lifelike ascetics combined with high strength.
Reduced restoration thickness for tooth-preserving preparation
Large indication spectrum

We’re happy to answer any technical questions in regards to the Ziconium-Ceramic/ Full contour bridges & crowns.