Bishops Park House
1st Floor, 25-29 Fulham High Street
London SW6 3JH


Our experienced dedicated ceramists make every porcelain fused to metal restoration with attention to detail, while harnessing the power of CAD/CAM designed copings. We build from a digitally designed and fabricated wax-up and your choice of semi-precious and precious alloys.

Conventional crowns and bridges
Screw retained implant restorations
Crowns with attachments for cast partials
Restorations over implants

CAD/CAM fabrication
Computer controlled fit, contacts, and occlusion
Metal coping with a porcelain surface
Highest quality alloys from Ivoclar Vivadent

PFM Resources
PFM’s are good for long-span bridges , especially in the posterior when there’s minimal occlusal clearance or minimal or reduced inner arch distance. Lots of times the connectors, because we have this collapsed vertical and the patient isn’t going to do a full mouth rehab, so we need to deal with that restoratively. In order to get connectors that are thickness enough, we need to go with metal.

We’re happy to answer any technical questions in regards to the porcelain fused to metal bridges & crowns.