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If you have missing or damaged teeth, you are probably very familiar with the fact that can cause emotional and psychological problems as well as the more obvious physical issues.

Perhaps you have been looking at the various options open to you and have considered individual bridges or dentures, as a cost-effect solution. However, these are often very uncomfortable and can cause embarrassment if they are not secure.

Full mouth dental implants are ideal and beneficial in several ways. To help you understand better whether they are right for you though, we will discuss some of these benefits in this post.

Permanent Solution

The thing that makes dentures and bridges different from whole mouth implants is the fact that once they are put in, they don’t come out. A periodontist is the specialist who performs the procedure, by inserting titanium rods in your jawbone. To the external end of the implant, there are crowns firmly attached. The procedure is carried out repeatedly until all your missing teeth have been replaced with an implant and crown.

Improved Comfort and Stability

Unlike traditional crowns or dentures, because full mouth dental implants are securely fitted, they will not move or become displaced when you do normal everyday things like chewing, eating and talking.

As well as making them more stable, it also means that they are more comfortable in general to have in your mouth.

Improved Jawbone Health

Over time, dentures can cause serious problems and effect your jawbone’s health. This is largely because when you have teeth that are missing, the area around your jawbone starts to breakdown as it no longer has a use.

It follows then, that if you are missing an entire arch of teeth or all the teeth from your mouth, the whole jawbone will start to break down.

As implants connect to the jawbone in a similar way to natural teeth, it can help to preserve the bone and the structure of your face.

Easy to Maintain

As we have established, full mouth dental implants are connected securely to your jawbone, this means that they act and feel just like normal teeth. It also means, because you can’t physically do it, that you don’t need to clean them every night in the same way as dentures.

You clean them the same way you would natural teeth, brushing and flossing two times a day and rinsing with a quality mouthwash.

Consider Full Mouth Implants an Investment

When you start looking into full mouth dental implants costs in the UK, it is very easy to be put off and reluctant. However, rather than seeing it as a steep price you must pay, you should look at it as more of an investment. By paying that high price upfront to fix your teeth permanently, you are reducing the amount of money repeated visits to the dentist may cost you if you go down a different, seemingly cheaper, route. You must ask yourself – is it worth paying the higher cost if it means you will get your life back and feel human again?

It’s clear then that there are many benefits to having full mouth dental implants. UK based dental specialists at Estetica Dental Lab offer this treatment. To find out the full mouth dental implants cost, it is recommended that you speak to one of their team.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a more permanent solution that will fix your problem or missing teeth, give you a beautiful smile and as a result give you back your self-confidence and self-esteem; a full mouth dental implant procedure might be right for you.